About Us

About Us

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Paintshield Technology Corporation is a software development & services company and the creator of the Paintshield Pattern Program (P3) operating with research, development and design facilities in North America. We help our partners take their business to the next level with partner packages including hosted mobile optimized websites, social media set up and management, marketing support, brand management and much more to come!

Our team of information technology and sales professionals developed the Paintshield Pattern Program (P3) based on specifications from industry experts in design and installation.

We build mobile optimized websites efficiently and inexpensively; we are experts in social media, online marketing, brand management, public relations and graphic design. Installation professionals as sole proprietors, franchisees or established corporations will benefit from enhanced yet affordable support for their online presence and brand management.

Google, commencing in 2015, is now penalizing any website that is not mobile optimized resulting in substantially reduced search results leaving businesses at risk of losing visibility and connection to customers and partners.

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Our goals are simple! 

  • Create the best-in-class web based pattern delivery system 
  • Supply precise and in-demand patterns to markets around the world 
  • Assist installer partners in the development and management of their online presence 
  • Build consumer awareness for the industry and drive traffic to our installer partners

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