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Software System

The Paintshield Pattern Program Web Edition is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that is purpose built to serve the automotive aftermarket industry and the network of professionals throughout the world. Built by a team of Information Technology (IT) professionals in consultation with installers, designers & experts, the program offers a comprehensive state-of-the-art web based delivery system hosted with robust security protocols with infrastructure redundancies enabling active failover requirements so the system operates at 99.5% or greater uptime efficiency.

Paintshield Pattern Program is a software-as-a-service platform.

The P3 platform is an end-to-end solution providing installer partners access to priority and in-demand precision patterns designed by world class designers in our facilities in North America. Approved partners can access all features of the platform from the Paintshield Technology website at A first time registered installer can sign in to the P3 Management Centre and begin the set up process by downloading the Paintshield Pattern Program Web Edition. A unique license PIN will be distributed by secure email as part of a two-step authentication process.

Once the software is downloaded and the PIN activation is entered and approved, the installer is ready to begin downloading PPF patterns.

Some key highlights of the Paintshield Pattern Program Web Edition:

Online software delivery system

No CD’s required and no dongle needed to operate the software

Easily search our library of thousands of in-demand patterns

Downloaded patterns can be adjusted, modified and nested to optimize film usage

State-of-the-art security protocols have been designed by a team of engineers who specialize in privacy and encryption

The platform operates in the English language and is accessible around the world


Paintshield Technology has over 12 years of design pedigree backing the launch of our platform serving the most discerning of retail clients and supporting the paint protection film industry around the world with an in-demand library.

With design operations in North America the Paintshield Pattern Program (P3) is launching with thousands of high quality patterns ready for immediate use. Our capacity and throughput of new designs will be facilitated in Vancouver, Canada.

The Paintshield Technology design methodology has a reputation for producing the best patterns in the industry known for precision fit, ease of installation and consistency across all vehicle types and kit parts.

Research and Development

The Paintshield Pattern Program is built on a state-of-the-art software delivery system using industry-leading patterns based years of proven design skill set. Our designers are global leaders in design techniques and have expertise with all components of the paint protection film industry. The company operates research, design and installation facilities in North America to ensure the highest quality design standards in the industry.

Paintshield pattern program uses industry-leading patterns based on years of proven design skill set.

Sample Pattern Images


Bumper protected with paint protection film.


Hood protected with paint protection film.


Doors protected with paint protection film.


Rockers protected with paint protection film.


Headlights protected with paint protection film.


Fenders protected with paint protection film.